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Moogli is a nifty way to get them You live with to collaborate to get things done! Give your children or your companion credit for tasks – it motivates to get points! Moogli is designed for families, couples and flat shares and is perfectly suited for collaborating on shopping lists and all kinds of daily tasks.

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to get things done. Together.

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Each member has their own profile with their tasks. Assign tasks to each member.


Tasks are sorted by due date. On top the most relevant, on bottom forthcoming and in between your own order.


Get notifications from activities of members and set a due date, reminder or repeating tasks.


Optional, members can collect points and get a monthly total score to increase motivation to complete the tedious tasks.


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Rather beat me (the developer) in my face, as my daughter in the picture, once to give bad App Store® feedback!

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To download this app, visit the App Store.